Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The biggest event in the Triangle NC area for men & a display of a draft of the book.. Join us!

Join us at the The 11th Annual GATHERING OF MEN IN NORTH CAROLINA
“Reclaiming the Sacred Masculine” Martin Brossman will be speaking and displaying a draft of the book as well as man other great free workshops

Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23, 2006
Register before April 4 Room, food, great men & only for: $110.
After April 4, registration is $130.

If you don’t have a registration form, call Temple Porter at
(919)862-0301 or email at temple@tricoach.biz
for more info about the Triangle Men's Center & the event go to: http://www.trianglemenscenter.org/

If you can make it please send in your registration as soon as you can. The Triangle Men's Center will also have the 10 years of Men's poems book in print for you to purchase.. Martin Brossman is one of the contributing poets.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Latest update on the book "Finding Our Fire"

Picture of the project chart for the book from this date ->

We have received all the contributions from over 120 men, about 400 pages and are now integrating and editing. Having 120 men’s ‘voices’ and attempting to make the minimum edits to make it readable has turned out to be quite a challenge for the main editor John Sharpe and my father (that is helping with the 12 additions). If any of you know of groups that we could speak at or ways to let people know about the book please email us. Also, for Martin Brossman’s birthday next month he is asking men to come to a special men’s inquiry that will be recorded live at his house. Your names will stay confidential but you will be asked to sign a simple ‘release’. This will allow men wanting to start a group be able to ‘hear a live’ inquiry in progress. If you are open to being part of this exciting event and can come to the Raleigh NC area email us directly at men@toinquire.com

A article from the book can be read at: http://www.toinquire.com/ourfire.htm

Keep your comments comming to us! It is inspiring!

Please email us if you would like to be notified of it's availability at: men@toinquire.com

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Another Men’s group started that The Men’s Inquiry was honored to participate in helping!

Another Men’s group started that The Men’s Inquiry was honored to participate in helping!
Many men’s groups have started with help from The Men’s Inquiry, but we did not ‘track’ their progress. The help was given freely. In the future we will share the good news of anyone who has used The Men’s Inquiry as a resource to start a group of men, and would like to start today with a wonderful man who found us on the Internet and is building his team of men in Laurinburg NC . This is the comment he wrote, and check out his web site. Even though the Men’s Inquiry is NOT faith-based ( and we support men of all faiths ) we are open to helping men reach men in any way they are called to do so. I am proud to post Leroy’s note and website..

“Martin, I would like to share, how the Raleigh Men's Inquiry Meeting Helped Me. Shortly after I moved to Laurinburg and became reasonably settled, I was ready to interact with other positive men who were interested in getting together to discuss issues of substance, such as ways to enjoy better relationships across the board issues that dealt with refining our emotional qualities. I was seeking a group that was interested in discussing topics that dealt with acquiring more balance in our lives.

I searched the Internet and found The Triangle Men’s Inquiry Meeting. Since I could not find a group such as this in Laurinburg, I decided to attend the meetings in Raleigh. This would give me an opportunity to achieve personal growth and to get some pointers for starting a group such as this in Scotland County. As a result of participating in the meetings in Raleigh, I received growth, support and encouragement from all the men. Martin provided information and other resources to help us get our program off the ground in Scotland County. He also committed to providing support that would help sustain our program. He has and continues to be a friend and supporter every step of the way.

I feel the most significant thing that I received from being involved with The Triangle Men’s Inquiry Meeting is that it made me feel that I wasn’t alone in my pursuit to move to the next level of awareness about healthy wholesome relationships.”

Please check out their website at:
http://www.lmcidomain.com/ and it’s current working title is: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN MENS GROUP

I want to acknowledge that what I love about Leroy is his clear courage to make a difference in his own town, to start something new, and to do his best to listen to the needs of the men in that area in building the group! He drive 100 miles each way to come to the meetings!

GREAT JOB Leroy, you inspire me!

Be well,
Martin Brossman

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Update on the progress of the book “Finding Our Fire”

Update on the progress of the book “Finding Our Fire”

We have received all the contributions to the book, including two more chapters that are being added-- competition & money. This completes the 12- week program that was used to collect more contributions to the book in the chapters that I felt needed a little more information or did not have enough diversity.

John Sharpe (http://www.cprm.com/ please check out) is working hard on editing the core book while my father, Martin Brossman II, has just completed editing weeks 1 through 4 of the 12 week extension ( over 145 pages of new contributions ). Now my father is working on editing weeks 6-10, about 180 pages in Word, while I am integrating weeks 11 & 12. This ‘integration’ involves converting the real names of each man to their pseudonym and adding each man’s reply under each question in a single Word document. I am finding all of this work very tedious and slow. I do have to work on making a living while doing this (grin). Since I use text- to- speech software to read for me (due to my dyslexia), I get to enjoy the wonderfully courageous contributions of these men discussing their lives.

I have found 5 possible printer/publishers and a friend is researching to decide which is the best for the book. Over 500 postcards are being hand-distributed about the book and some on-line men’s websites are exploring writing reviews of the book.

If you know anyone who may be interested in the book, please make sure to send them the web link about the book ( http://www.toinquire.com/findingourfire.htm or this blog http://toinquire.blogspot.com/ ) and send us an email requesting notification when the book is available so they will be the ones that secure the first printing copies. This is done by emailing us at men@toinquire.com , put in the subject line “Please notify me on the availability of the book Finding Our Fire. Contact info is below.” With of course your contact information in the body of the text.

Check back for updates, and thanks for your support! If you have any questions about the book, email us at men@toinquire.com and we will do our best to answer them on the blog. Of course your name will stay anonymous

Martin Brossman

The home page of this (Men's & Women's Inquiry) blog is: http://toinquire.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We have chosen to have three versions of Finding Our Fire

We have chosen to have three versions of Finding Our Fire

We have decided that since there are so many wonderful contributions that over 100 men have made, there will be three versions of the book. The main one, which will be designed to be ‘accessible’ to the largest audience, by its size, and other factors, will be about a 6" X 9" paperback, approximately 190 pages long. The second will be the core of all contributions, with several interesting add-on’s for those who want a broader perspective. and it will be an 8.5”X 11” paper bound book. This lets us include a greater number of the contributions in print. The third will be an e-book that can be downloaded. Things may change as we get closer to finishing.

Also two more sections were added in the last few months. One on competition and the other on money. We decided this had to be part of this printing.

The home page of this (Men's & Women's Inquiry) blog is: http://toinquire.blogspot.com/