Sunday, March 10, 2013

Men and Grief

Book about Men and Grief
I am honored to be mentioned in Tom Golden's new book  The Way Men Heal on Kindle and am blessed that I knew about his work before my Fathers passing so I did what I needed to do to honor the loss of my Father last year. This book is not a one trick to solve all grief but it is a way to let women understand the boys and men in their lives that are facing loss. It is also a way for men to understand how to deal with loss in a way that honors their souls.

Who should read it? Every man and woman and most important every therapist that deals clients that have had loss. If you get value from the book, that is less than $10.00 on Amazon, then do the right thing and write a review for Tom on Amazon, I did. This video gives you a window into what Tom had provided in the book and take a moment to see it:

Here is the link to the book The Way Men Heal on Kindle:

And the link to the Facebook page that I created in honor of the passing of my Father referenced in the book. Consider Liking that page and saying hello:

- Martin Brossman