Sunday, April 02, 2006

"Men of Their Word" : The Triangle Men's Centers 1st book of poems is out!

Martin Brossman (founder of The Men's Inquiry) is a contributing poet for The Triangle Men's Centers new book of poems: "Men of Their Word" . Limited copies will be available at the annual gathering (listed in the blog post before this one). Martin Brossman is still working to complete the book: Finding Our Fire" and info on that can be found at:

You can learn more about the book &purchase a copy of this great book of poems "Men of Their Word" now at:

Click here to see a PDF preview of the 1st
10 pages from "Men of Their Word"

Description about the book: Men of Their Word:
A collection of poems, edited by John Allran, from men attending the North Carolina Annual Gathering of Men in Efland, North Carolina 1996-2005

This anthology was produced as a fundraiser for The Triangle Men's Center serving the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area in North Carolina since 1986.

This was a 100% volunteer-driven project and we appreciate your support by purchasing a copy. Also, 100% of all profits goes to The Triangle Men's center.

The 30 contributing poets: John Allran, Martin Brossman, Sheldon Clark, Ray Collins, Len Daley, Randy Dodd, Hilton Freed, Levi Gardner, Dan Glenn, Sid Harrell, John Harvey, Kevin Hedeen, Don Henchel, Doug Jennette, Bruce Lader, Jerry Levit, Lou Lipsitz, John Marmaud, Wilson McCreary, Henry Molter, G. Bennett Myers, 'Old Men With Bongos', Steven Reeves, Mark Smith, Peter Solet, Larry Sorkin, Dana Staats, Fred Stephens, Don Sylvester, Paul Tierney, and Ron Wolfe.

To see more of Martin Brossman's 'Men's' poems go to:

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