Sunday, August 23, 2009

Martin Brossman featured in a Cary New's article

Martin Brossman featured in a Cary New's article

One of the questions asked:

"What can I do for my son, who doesn't have a father?

The answers varied, but one key point was clear: Women have a lot of power over their men. Brossman said men have a basic need to be honored. Women have a need to be cherished. It made me think of my husband surprising me with a laptop and a desk when I wanted to revive my writing career. I told him he was my hero, and I felt like a brainy princess. It worked out for both of us.

Brossman was bold in his statements about what he calls "icky, passive males." He gave an example of when a friend broke an important promise. He said he left a message on his answering machine that masked how he really felt which was angry and hurt."

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