Thursday, November 30, 2006

Martin Brossman nominated for Ron Hering Awards

Today November 30th 2006, Martin Brossman nominated for the Ron Hering Awards for the Greater Carolina's ( including Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina ):

Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards Protocol :

In 1999, MKP began recognizing men and teams of men (i.e. I-group) who were actively demonstrating living a life in mission. Specifically this mission was in service to the world – NOT to MKP. The award was named after the late Ron Hering, one of the three founders of the MKP. Typically these awards were announced and presented at the mid-year conference.

The nomination document:

From: Greater Carolina Center of MKPI
Re: Nominee for 2006 Hering Mission of Service Award
Date: November 30, 2006

1. Nominee = Martin W. Brossman

2. Greater Carolina's Center

3. Martin W. Brossman
6260-100 Glenwood Ave., Suite 251
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612 NC USA

4. Martin Brossman has selflessly served the men’s movement for over ten years in numerous ways. In addition to his active involvement in MKPI and his I-Group, Martin served on the Leadership Council of the Triangle Men’s Center at a critical time in its history and contributed to the survival and continued existence of this resource for local men. In addition, he is the founder and continuing convener of The Men’s Inquiry, an open monthly dialogue for men committed to deep, authentic exploration of masculine identity and men’s issues. He has opened the Inquiry not only to local men, but to men nationally through his use of the phone bridge and an Internet website, The on-line Men’s Inquiry includes men from around the world exploring monthly issues about our lives. Martin’s articles on men’s issues have been published in several on-line men’s journals. He was a key player in the creation of the first community-wide forum on father issues with over 400 participants. His commitment to appreciating diversity has led him to seek alliances with different groups, including assisting churches in developing their men’s work. In this vein, Martin assisted an African-American North Carolina man to create a black Christian men’s group based on his Men’s Inquiry principles. Martin has volunteered to speak to numerous groups on The ManKind Project and men’s work, including a presentation for women’s groups called “What’s New About Men That Women Want to Know,” where he shares his own experience of the value of men’s work. Martin created an active blog called “Single Mothers Raising Sons” to support the involvement of men in our community in the raising of boys who are living with single mothers. Five years ago Martin also created a complementary once-a-month Women’s Inquiry in his home. As a result of the success of the Men’s Inquiry and to extend its impact into the world, Martin has also compiled an extensive collection of male voices on critical issues of concern to men soon to be published in both CD and print formats, entitled Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men’s Connection to Heart, Passion & Strength, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Triangle Men’s Center and referencing MKP as a resource for men.

5. I hereby grant my permission to have this information made public at the awards ceremony. –Martin W. Brossman

6. (Photo attached)

7. BIO: Martin Brossman is an accomplished Success coach, author and trainer, and a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is a graduate of St. Andrews College and has over eighteen years of professional experience including seven years with IBM Customer Service and the creation of two successful small businesses. He is the author of Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men’s Connection to Heart, Passion & Strength.

8. Mission Statement:

My mission is supporting people in living lives they love--lives so filled with meaning and fulfillment that on their death bed they are are moved to tears by the beautiful life they lived. My life is committed to contributing to a world that works for all us.

9. Yes, our community is joyfully sponsoring Martin to come to Glen Ivy to accept his award in person in February.

"It is a big honor for me to receive this and I want to thank all of the men and women that have supported this with their courage" Martin Brossman