Thursday, February 21, 2008

Model of The Maturing Man - CD is Available!

An audio CD presentation by Martin Brossman on his model of the social process of men maturing and how this relates to relationships with women.

For men to enrich their lives and relationships.
For women to further understand men.
For dads to be better fathers.
For single mothers to support their son’s becoming mature men.

To see the CD:

To see the MP3 download version:

The link to the book "Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men's Connection to Heart, Passion and Strength"

"I listened to your CD (Model of a Maturing Man)- Wow! I couldn't have gotten it at a better time! As I transition to fatherhood and struggle with business, I could relate to your words. I am very much impressed with the depth and breadth of your knowledge!"

"Martin has strong insight as to what's been missing in this society from a male perspective."
Jean Wright - Raleigh, NC

Well worth the investment! "
Having read Martin's book, then listening to this audio, I have three simple steps. Get the book, get this audio - start moving forward!
You can hear the passion in Martin's voice as he speaks not only from his experiences, but from his heart as well. Whether men feel comfortable with his observations (derived from many years of work) or not, they resound with truth-truth's not often discussed in today's world.
It's for men. It's for women. It's for humans. Inquiry is the appropriate term for this work. "
Kelly Castor - "The Blue Jean CEO"

"This is one of the best talks I have heard; it is full of substance and useful information. Great work! Your insight into women is very useful as well. I also enjoyed hearing about your own experience on the path. "
Kevin Alexander

This presentation urges us as men in particular and society in general to dig deeply and discover what we need to understand about ourselves and how to use insights gained to become great role models and achieve greater success in life. The deeply-entrenched issues we face are made clear by this presentation, and exploring Martin's approach to these issues is a win-win approach for men and society in general...highly recommended!
Steve Karloski

"Martin's insights gave me a fresh look into my own masculinity. His comments on the wonderful weaving of masculine and feminine energies within each man has has given me a deeper understanding of myself. I feel more confident now. Thanks Martin for your wonderful work."
Joseph Asterita, Management Consultant

"Martin Brossman presented an introduction to his new book, "Finding Our Fire" at a recent event. Martin spoke with such sincere desire to pass his message on to the audience. I could feel his passion about his subject. He has so much knowledge to pass on, it was a wonderful presentation and introduction to the book. Thank you Martin for exploring and writing about this subject and sharing it with others. You are a wonderful speaker. Finding Our Fire,"is a must read for every man and every woman too."
Eileen Stevie, Certified Professional Organizer

"'The Model of the Maturing Man' has opened my eyes to the challenges faced by men in this day and age, whether they are sons, fathers, husbands, or siblings. I have gained valuable insights at a very crucial time in my life, and I am finding ways to approach my personal life issues, address them, and move in the direction of a more complete and fulfilled life. This presentation reveals the deeply entrenched issues facing us as a society, and it offers suggestions and approaches to everyone, men and women alike, who seek solutions for a better quality of life on both personal and relationship levels. I know that I will carry the insights gained thus far for the rest of my life; I have renewed hope for a more successful and enlightened existence, and I have already managed to share Martin's wisdom and insights with others in my life who also seek solutions to mens' issues that are plaguing our society. The single most important benefit of hearing this presentation is that it challenges us, especially men, to open our eyes and hearts to identify, understand, and tackle physical and emotional obstacles that prevent us from living to our full potential...thank you, Martin!"
Steve, Raleigh, NC

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men's Connection to Heart, Passion & Strength - Sun. Feb. 10th 1-2:30PM

Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men's Connection to Heart, Passion & Strength

A Presentation for Men and Women with Martin Brossman

Sunday February 10th 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
Unity Church of Raleigh
9225 Leesville Road
Raleigh, North Carolina

$10 - Contribution suggested
As a man thinks in his heart, so is he...(But, what does a man think in his heart?)

Find out at author and presenter Martin Brossman's engaging and interactive workshop Finding Our Fire: Men's Connection to Heart, Passion & Strength, Sunday, February 10, 1 - 2:30 p.m. at Unity Church of Raleigh. In this eye-opening breakthrough presentation, you'll learn the stages of maturing from boys to men and the effect of that process on relationships, the three types of men and the impact on our culture, and powerful information on what makes men tick that you can use for even richer relationships in your business and personal life. Inspired by the dynamic men's discussion group he founded and the compilation of more than 100 revealing and compelling survey responses from men, Brossman's seminar will synthesize not only his findings regarding the "inner lives" of men but also strategies on how both men and women can find their fire now, reigniting the flames of their personal missions and awakening the very best in themselves. For more information on this informative and inspiring session on Sunday, February 10, 1 - 2:30 p.m., contact the Unity Church of Raleigh office at 919.870.7364 or go to

More about the presentation: