Saturday, July 15, 2006

New reviews and responces to the live Men's Inquiry Recording!

Raw communication and Honesty 11 Jul 2006
by (name withheld )

This CD is well introduced and outlined, covering many topics. What strikes me most about is the honesty, and how men are speaking from their own experience, knowing that it has value. It talks about how we, as men, validate ourselves how we handle responsibility, how becoming a man can mean being responsible, and how that can level the playing field for all men. It talks about giving credit where credit due, about marriage, knowing what it is, being the person you want to be without having to jump trough hoops, traits of good people, how men contribute to each others lives. Excellent, raw communication on the important things in men’s lives.
9 Jul 2006 (updated 9 Jul 2006)

'My communication with men has improved. '
by Catherine Franz
Martin Brossman, the creator of this CD was on my radio show on July 4 ( My first thoughts were about listening to this CD, "Why would I want to listen to a men's group? I am a woman, this is men's stuff." My curiousity got me to listen. I listened to men's perspective about their life and how they manage their communications. I was able to put myself in their shoes during the process and was able to take away many tips on how I can improve my communication to men in the future. Since then I have tried a few things out. And they worked. My communication with men has improved. Making a mind shift in order to improve communication skills can come from many sources. This one took me completely by surprise. Thus, if you are a women and only think this is for men, open your mind just enough to think of this from a different angle because there is one. I recommend this CD whether you are a women but especially if you are a man. Catherine Franz, MCC Producer & Host Let's Talk Marketing Radio Show Every Tuesday 10 am

Unique viewpoints! 9 Jul 2006
by Amy Benevento
Listening to snippets of Martin's tape has brought me new insights into the way men think and view their world. In this society today you find many women opening their heart to ideas on marriage, insecurity, their role in society, etc. To now hear men giving their viewpoints is definitely an eye opener. ~Amy Benevento

The back cover of the CD:

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1st POD cast with Martin Brossman

"Martin Brossman, a personal coach in NC, brings an amazing new light to the "way men think", from interacting closely with men in many ways. His insights into the masculine & feminine in each of us, helps us to understand what's going on in the opposite sex brains.
After all these years of interacting with each other, one would think we know how to play well together by now, but nooo. We still say, after all these years, I just don't understand men, I just don't understand woman!

Martin has been leading men's discussion group's, called "men's inquiry", for many years & is compiling an audio version of 100 or so interviews with men. He is also writing a book on same, "Finding Our Fire - Enhancing men's connection to heart, passion and strength".
This interview between "The Good Chi Lady" & Martin is extra special because they discuss a Big Sur, Eselan Institute trip they took together and how a man & woman interacted in the midst of confusion, misperceptions and a severe case of poison oak!

We don't seem to "dive in" to the reasons why we do and think so differently. Martin and Sonja bring a passion for this, diving into the causes, to the table, & keep it light and fun. Of course , very informative too!

Exploring why men & women are so different is a passion Martin Brossman has had for many years. Along with the "Good Chi Lady", join in as these two dive into discussion of the masculine /feminine journey in each of us. "

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Women's Inquiry Blog has been created!

This blog is about the progress of The Women's Inquiry and may include:- Events by members that relate to the women's inquiry- New resources for women in the community- Progress related to both the in-person women's inquiry, The on-line Women's Inquiry, FWS on-line discussion group. About the leadership team of the in person Raleigh NC Women's Inquiry group

Barbara Carr Brossman ( )

Amy L. Sky ( ) & now a new member:

Janet Bauer Speaker & Workshops Trainer (more to come about her)

The Women's Inquiry Blog can be reached at

Also, another blog that has been started that welcomes contributions is: Single Mothers (Single Parent) Raising Sons: What works & what does not work Single Mothers Raising Sons is a blog where single mothers share their stories, issues, victories, concerns, what works and what does not work in raising sons. How did you address their need of healthy male role models (or any comment on this)? This is a public service of The Women's Inquiry These are the real 'experts' with true life experience.
To contribute a posting to this blog please email it to
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I am honored to support these groups.
Martin Brossman

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Martin Brossman is interviewed on a Washington DC area radio station today 7-4-2006

Topic: How men become successful in business

Martin Brossman is interviewed on a Washington DC area radio station today 7-4-2006 .
The show is Let's Talk Marketing Weekly Radio Show Update:

On the 4th of July Martin Brossman will be in the Northern Virginia area and live in the WEBR studio with us on this very important celebration day. We will be discussing men and what they need to be more successful in life, in business, and their relationships with women and more. Martin is a joy to be around and his wisdom comes from the ages. His humor will lighten your day.

After 10 years of leading a men’s discussion group for healthy functioning men, Martin Brossman has some unique ideas about men that can also be useful for women in business. Although we have made progress in our culture in seeing the value of women in business, there is an over-assumption that “men have it all’ which is disempowering to business women. Martin will discuss what he has observed to be competitive advantages women already have, gathered from coaching business women as well as working with men on life issues. What is holding men back from accomplishing their dreams and desires will be revealed. It is not uncommon for his male clients to begin reaching their financial goals and have them say: “And by the way, my wife loves who I am being at home”. Often success at work and success at home seem mutually exclusive and Martin will show how they are not.

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