Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1st POD cast with Martin Brossman

"Martin Brossman, a personal coach in NC, brings an amazing new light to the "way men think", from interacting closely with men in many ways. His insights into the masculine & feminine in each of us, helps us to understand what's going on in the opposite sex brains.
After all these years of interacting with each other, one would think we know how to play well together by now, but nooo. We still say, after all these years, I just don't understand men, I just don't understand woman!

Martin has been leading men's discussion group's, called "men's inquiry", for many years & is compiling an audio version of 100 or so interviews with men. He is also writing a book on same, "Finding Our Fire - Enhancing men's connection to heart, passion and strength".
This interview between "The Good Chi Lady" & Martin is extra special because they discuss a Big Sur, Eselan Institute trip they took together and how a man & woman interacted in the midst of confusion, misperceptions and a severe case of poison oak!

We don't seem to "dive in" to the reasons why we do and think so differently. Martin and Sonja bring a passion for this, diving into the causes, to the table, & keep it light and fun. Of course , very informative too!

Exploring why men & women are so different is a passion Martin Brossman has had for many years. Along with the "Good Chi Lady", join in as these two dive into discussion of the masculine /feminine journey in each of us. "

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