Thursday, November 22, 2007

The book as a Christmas Gift for a Man or a Women!

If any of you want to get or give a copy of the book Finding Our Fire for Christmas you may want to order it this week for out of the US and next week for the US. Print on demand takes 5 extra days + shipping. This is a wonderful gift for any men you admire or women who want to be more effective in dealing with men and the key fund raiser for The Men's & Women's Inquiry - Helping with the cost of the two websites, etc. ( ) & ( ) .

A big thank you to all those that already bought the book. Please email me directly your comments about the book for I am using that to market it and understand more how it is effecting people.

You can find out about the book and order it from:

To read about progress with The book and The Men's Inquiry go to: (this blog)

A little about the book (the text on the back cover) :

For Men: to enrich their lives
For Women: to further understand men
For Therapists and Counselors: to understand what male clients don’t say

The frank and fascinating conversation about what it means to be a man serves as a mirror for both sexes to see family history in a new light or take a more enlightened look at a current relationship. This book is a virtual tool kit for resolving issues from the past and installing insight for creating a compelling and passionate future. Because without freedom from our past and clarity about our future, it is difficult to connect to the passion and fire of our life--and without that fire connection, a man either gives up his dreams or feels he has to dominate and control his environment.

“In Finding Our Fire, Martin Brossman gives from the very depth of his soul, from his fire. Turn the page and your fire will be sparked. Turn the next page and your heart will be opened. Turn the next page and you will find strength. Turn and turn, and you will be awakened to what is alive in you! For both men and women, Finding Our Fire will stimulate the best in you and open your world to a deeper connection with the energy needed to create a more harmonious future!”-Carolyn R. Craft, Host “Waking Up with Carolyn Craft”

About the author (me):Martin Brossman is a Success Coach, speaker and trainer known for his focused, rapid-results coaching method. He assists clients to “get clear, get in action and stay in action.” Martin targets personal effectiveness, goal fulfillment, conflict skill development and integrated sales strategies for executive, small business and entrepreneurial clients.

Also if you know of any radio shows, ,small book stores or groups in general, that may be of interest in hearing me talk about the book please let me know!
Martin Brossman
(919) 847-4757

A gift for men, A gift for fathers, a gift for single mothers raising sons and a gift for women wanting to understand men better.

From the Men's Inquiry Blog: