Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Women's Inquiry Blog has been created!

This blog is about the progress of The Women's Inquiry and may include:- Events by members that relate to the women's inquiry- New resources for women in the community- Progress related to both the in-person women's inquiry, The on-line Women's Inquiry, FWS on-line discussion group. About the leadership team of the in person Raleigh NC Women's Inquiry group

Barbara Carr Brossman ( )

Amy L. Sky ( ) & now a new member:

Janet Bauer Speaker & Workshops Trainer (more to come about her)

The Women's Inquiry Blog can be reached at

Also, another blog that has been started that welcomes contributions is: Single Mothers (Single Parent) Raising Sons: What works & what does not work Single Mothers Raising Sons is a blog where single mothers share their stories, issues, victories, concerns, what works and what does not work in raising sons. How did you address their need of healthy male role models (or any comment on this)? This is a public service of The Women's Inquiry These are the real 'experts' with true life experience.
To contribute a posting to this blog please email it to
The blog web site is:

I am honored to support these groups.
Martin Brossman

The home page of this (Men's Inquiry) blog is:

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