Saturday, February 25, 2006

For fun, we have setup a CafePress account for ‘Finding Our Fire’ products.. check it out!

For fun we set up a CafePress account for Finding Our Fire products. Go to this link to see it:
It is one of the many ways we are looking to give value and offset expenses for the volunteer Men’s & Women’s Inquiry. We get about a dollar or two per product and if that exceeds $6.00 per month, we pay for the service and make a dollar as well. So if you see something you like, your purchase will be appreciated. It will keep growing so check back. I designed all the versions of the products and of course the cover with advisement of my beautiful and creative wife Barbara Carr Brossman. She co-leads the women’s inquiry with Amy Sky. Barbara’s website is and Amy’s is Please check them both out as well!

Another way to help us is by buying any books from The Men’s Inquiry website ( ), The Women’s Inquiry website ( ) & my business website’s book list: ( ) we receive a small percentage from .

Currently led by Barbara Carr ( ) & Amy Sky ( ) A big thank you to both for their help!

The home page of this (Men's & Women's Inquiry) blog is:
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