Friday, March 24, 2006

Latest update on the book "Finding Our Fire"

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We have received all the contributions from over 120 men, about 400 pages and are now integrating and editing. Having 120 men’s ‘voices’ and attempting to make the minimum edits to make it readable has turned out to be quite a challenge for the main editor John Sharpe and my father (that is helping with the 12 additions). If any of you know of groups that we could speak at or ways to let people know about the book please email us. Also, for Martin Brossman’s birthday next month he is asking men to come to a special men’s inquiry that will be recorded live at his house. Your names will stay confidential but you will be asked to sign a simple ‘release’. This will allow men wanting to start a group be able to ‘hear a live’ inquiry in progress. If you are open to being part of this exciting event and can come to the Raleigh NC area email us directly at

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