Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Honor of Fathers Day, A Poem: Remembering Dad

Remembering Dad

I heard my Father speak through me today
It's a good thing
A business conversation with me appreciating them at the end
He was always the cheerleader of his officemates 
Will call him and tell him when he gets back from dialysis today
May not understand it, so little of him left
Dad, you are welcome to live on through me

My Father is still with me and is moving a bit slower due to so many challenges he has overcome. He goes to dialysis three times a week and is tough on him. I have been blessed to move from the Son to the person overseeing their well being. I never had my own children but not under what it means to be a parent more then ever.  It has given me flashes of memories and insights. This poem is one of those insights. I want to honor the important an vital energy of Fatherhood in the world. I am also blessed to have good people helping both parents.

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