Sunday, September 11, 2011

Official Google Blog: Ten years later

Official Google Blog: Ten years later
Want to share a story written by a friend that was in New York City about the Firemen of NY on 9/11:

I honor all that sacrificed since 9/11.
Martin Brossman


RDelgado said...

It is so wonderful to see that ten years later we are still honoring our fallen brave and innocent lives that were lost on September 11th, 2001.

Thank you for keeping the memories alive.

Debbie said...

God bless all those that have been affected by this terrible tragedy. I honor all those brave heroes that were lost. I pray this never happens again.

Katie H. said...

I feel bad for the people of 9/11 that died that day. Imagine how their families felt, how sad they were. Some children that were born that very day, never got to meet their fathers. Just imagine that empty, empty feeling you'd have inside. i send up my prayers and honors to those who died. Amen.

Morgan said...

That's sad how Pablo and Frank risked there lives for other people to survive but that's what makes them good people god bless America!

Krishna Toner said...

It is so wonderful to see, as we watch our Sunday football, all the stadiums honoring the fallen of the 9/11 tragedy. God bless all Americans, we were all victims of this horrible event.

Gunrunner61 said...

God bless all those who died that day, And God bless all the children who had to grow up minus one and sometimes both parents who died that morning.And last but not least may God have mercy on the souls of those who had a hand in this terrible cowardly act.